ISO A passport to the world. We have the authentication of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

We acquired the certificate of ISO9001 in January of 1998 and that of ISO14001 in May of 1999. ISO international standard series are a passport for worldwide business. The certification of ISO is a scale for evaluating the reliability and security of companies in Europe and the United States. Our ultra-precise technology is attracting the attention of countries all over the world. Our technology contributes to the international market through the leading Japanese manufacturers that are trading with foreign companies. We are making steady progress toward realizing our vision of becoming a top world-class company.

¡Acquisition of the certificate of ISO9001
We have established a consistent quality assurance system according to the quality control standard of ISO9001, and offer high quality products to all of our customers.
except Administration Division, Mold System Division, and Sales Develop Division, and Hong Kong department

¡Acquisition of the certificate of ISO14001
We have established a system to decrease damage to the environment according to the environmental control standard of ISO14001, and conduct activities which make us an environment-friendly company.

ISO9001 ISO14001

Environmental Policy of Yamaichi Seiko Group

yBasic Conceptz
We, Yamaichi Seiko Co., Ltd., YMS Co., Ltd., and Kyotec Co., Ltd., acknowledge that environmental protection is a significant task for all people to continue to live healthy and safe lives. We address ourselves to the improvement of environmental impact and contribute to the construction of a sustainable society.

yActivity Guidelinez
We will engage in activities for environmental preservation according to the following guideline in the design, manufacturing and marketing of all of our injection molding dies and molded products.

1. We will establish, implement, and continually improve an environmental management system.
2. We will take environmental conservation into consideration in every field of our business activities, and we will prevent environmental pollution.
3. We will take our business activities complying with the legal requirements and other requirements to which we subscribe for environmental protection.
4. We will set up environmental objectives and environmental targets for our activities with taking regal requirements and the significant environmental aspects into account, and promote improvement activities, and review them.
5. We will reduce waste by efficient use of materials, and rise energy efficiency by efficient use of equipment, to conserve natural resources.
6. We will educate all of our employees on the importance of environmental improvement and of the prevention of environmental pollution, and increase their awareness of environmental conservation.
7. We will ask our affiliated companies for their understanding and cooperation with regard to environmental improvement in order every field of our business activities to be with consideration toward environmental conservation.

Established on December 26, 1998 and revised on February 28, 2011.

Hideki Nakano
Yamaichi Seiko Co., Ltd., YMS Co., Ltd., and Kyotec Co., Ltd.