Our technology reduces production costs for various products in all kinds of fields.

Our molded products (super-fine parts) are used in all kinds of products which are an important part of our daily lives, such as personal computers, mobile telephones, digital cameras, game hardware units, print substrates, medical tools, writing instruments and pinball machines. One of the reasons why Yamaichi's technology is required is that we have established an integrated production system from die design to mass-production of molded products. Our total production system creates great profit from the point of view of quality, delivery and cost.

Multi-cavity molding drastically reduces production costs.
High-precision technology makes it possible.

"Multi-cavity molding" is a technology to produce more than one molded product from one die for the purpose of reducing production costs. The greater the number of molded products that are produced, the greater the degree of accuracy that is required. The reason why we are specialists in "multi-cavity molding" is that we have been producing dies measured in microns or sub-microns.
Our production scope covers not only the manufacturing of super-fine dies but also the mass-production of molded products.

Our technology will enhance the cost performance of your product production. We have mass-production technology for molded products, as well as fine die production technology. The technology in both fields enables us to develop "multi-cavity molding", which greatly reduces production costs.