It is connectors measured in microns (1/1000mm) that have enabled us to make mobile telephones this compact.

Our mobile telephone is only 1cm thick, and has precision parts measured in microns. A level of accuracy as high as 1/1000mm in die and molding technology enabled us to make mobile telephones compact and light-weight, meeting requests from connector manufacturers.


Insert molding which combines plastic and metal.
This is indispensable technology for making finely structured connectors.

Conventionally, in order to make electronic parts combining plastic and metal materials, metal was inserted into plastic molding. However in the case of fine connectors, it is difficult to insert metal into plastic molding. We have solved this problem with our original technology, which involves inserting metal into plastic molding during the process of making plastic molding.
We produce all kinds of electronic parts with our original super-precise die and molding technology.

We produce electronic parts for various kinds of products including personal computers and printers, as well as mobile telephones. Meeting demands for lighter, smaller and cheaper parts, we produce parts with durability and impact resistance, measured with a unit as small as the micron.